Meg Rithmire

I am the F. Warren McFarlan Associate Professor at Harvard Business School, where I teach in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit. I am a political scientist, and my teaching and research focus on comparative politics and political economy with a geographic focus on Asia, especially China and Southeast Asia.

I am also a faculty affiliate at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, where I convene a seminar on the Chinese economy. At the Harvard Asia Center, I am also on the faculty committee on Southeast Asia. In 2019, I joined the Public Intellectual Program of the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations.

Broadly speaking, my research and course development engage themes of property rights, state-business relations, and the practices of capitalism in authoritarian regimes. A major stream of research concerns the control of land and the dynamics of property rights in contemporary China. A newer set of projects examine state-business relations in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The “research” tab of this website has more information on books, papers, and work in progress. My case research for HBS is under the “teaching” tab. Thanks for your interest in my research!